Sunday, August 28, 2011


This will be the blog space that we will use to communicate with students of the Lycee Albert Calmette in Nice France.

Students WILL remember that this is an academic site and everything posted needs to be school appropriate at all times.

Amusez-vous bien!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New ideas for school

Going to make a list of ideas that I came up with or came to mind during the 23 Things program I just finished. Before I forget them all!!

1. For AP French, outside project: French Director Project.
Using the model of the AP English project (get/ask syllabus from Eng dept)
model a French AP project of the same nature. Directors include:
Francois Truffaut
Jean Cocteau
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Mathieu Kassowitz
Jean-Luc Godard
Louis Malle
Luc Besson
Jean Renoir
Jacques Tati

2. F3 Project - send up of commercial or TV skit. Kids can translate directly or come up with approximate translation using skills to perform skit/piece. More later

3. Fundraiser ideas? Buy the 30 starter button making machine and sell buttons - can sell them to other school groups, for campaigns, events, and other things happening on campus.

4. EAting Contest - sooner rather than later

5. Annual Halloween party! Start right away!

6. Students responsible for posting homework, maintaining calendar and announcements. Also responsible for tutoring in my room or next door.

7. Begin thinking about initiation early so we have more manpower to participate!!

8. Facilitate French lunch at least once a week - probably on Thursday when there is NO Freshman lunch so all may participate

Thing #23 - Fin!!

I enjoyed the experience overall and learned a lot of great new things and came up with awesome new ideas for class!

1. My favorites were Youtube and TeacherTube, the Wikis and OpenOffice. Those three seem to be the most useful of the bunch and the ones I will 100% guaranteed use ASAP for school and personal use.

2. As a lifelong learner, its afforded me new ways to find the things I am looking for, and better ways to share them. This is invaluable for teachers! Another way, a different explanation, an alternative view, all of it helps all kinds of students in so many ways and adds to their pool of resources that they now have to become life long learners themselves.

3. Unexpected outcomes? I don't think so. I didn't like Rollyo because it just doesnt seem useful to me but other than that, it was all good information that I can use on my webpage I am required to host/maintain.
I do find it irritating that all this that was learned doesn't count towards me when I am evaluated and put down for lack of use of technology. We do what we can and just because the one day someone happens to visit I am not putting on the dog and pony show, I get marked inadequate. I work in a T-shack, people. The internet connection is tenuous at best, we often don't get bells, announcements, we have no security, so you know....its annoying. This is the sort of thing that irritates me because its a stupid initiative. There are merits to things like straight memorization and essay writing. To reading books and spending time in a real library. Yes, these tools are neat and can do some good tricks but truth be told, I don't think they are increasing the student's critical thinking skills in any way.
Sorry, tangent but really a big huge peeve of mine.

4. As far as the format, everything was great. I think though that maybe a format of, the system leading you to the next step, sort of like a check system to let you know you are 100% done, sort of tracking to do list, that would be fancy, but certainly not required.

5. I would definitely participate in another program in the future, provided one comes up I am interested in and can get PDLC credit for :)

6. One word or sentence? I'd say, "Creative ways to use technology in the classroom and get students interacting with advancing technology". I'd re title it that!

Great program, learned a lot. Thanks!

Thing #22 - Nings

I am sure there are other sites that are good but I'm disappointed that Yabla is a subscription site!! Then again, I can create my own podcasts that accomplish the same thing! We now have cameras in the library for our use so, ideas flowing, I can create a pronounciation guide myself, or, create other videos to help kids.

Nings are ok, not that easiest to navigate. For French, I didn't see too many links but then again, I am only spending 10 minutes or so on each thing, otherwise I'd get lost in the interwebernets!

Thing #21 - Video and Podcasts

To be certain, I can post presentations here that students who were absent may have missed, or, leave up examples relevant to current topics of study for further investigation. I can also display student work here, powerpoints and podcasts.

Perhaps I can even give a podcast as an things are cooking in my brain! I can record grammar lectures on here and various lessons for students to watch from home, or anywhere with internet access!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Thing #20 YouTube and TeacherTube

Hoorah, I already use You Tube alot to find good videos for class and for presentations to use in class. There are a lot of awesome things out there, particularly French TV shows and documentaries that are mighty useful in teaching French history (not so much grammar) and culture.

Here's a few good ones :) Enjoy

Thing #19 Web 2.0 Awards

This is pretty cool - easy way to find the most efficient sites for what you need. Will link to the blog I'd say...

School and libraries can put this up in the resources part of the library to get kids searching on their own and also show them the best way TO search for their particular needs.

I do however worry about some of the 'instant gratification' elements of this tool. Kids want to get the work DONE and often don't check for accuracy or fluidity at all. This just helps that happen faster. Then again, at least they turn something in, lol!